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DC traction power cables for 1500V and below
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I. scope of application

This product is suitable for DC traction of rail transit. power The transmission of 750V and 1500V for urban rail transit, railway electrification, light rail, and traction and direct current power transmission with high safety and reliability are required.

Two, usage characteristics

1. the rated voltage Uo is 750V and 1500V.

2. the long-term operating temperature of the cable core is 90 C, and the short circuit temperature should not exceed 250 C (short circuit time is 5S).

3. for XLPE insulated thermoplastic sheathed cables, the ambient temperature should not be below 0 C.

4. the minimum bending radius of cable installation should not be less than 12 times of the outer diameter of the cable.

5. the cable has UV protection and aging resistance, and its UV protection performance can meet the requirements of GB 14049 standard.

6. the cable has flame retardancy to meet the requirements of GB / T18380.3-2001 cable bundling combustion test.

7. the cable has the halogen free and low smoke characteristics to meet the requirements of GB / T 17560-1998 and GB / T 17651-1998, and the smoke density transmittance of the cable is more than 60%.

8. the cable has excellent waterproof and moisture resistance and rodent bite performance.

9. we can produce other types and specifications of DC cable according to users' needs.

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