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Metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated cable
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Product introduction

Metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated cable adopts advanced production technology, fully automatic mechanized production and reliable quality. The product structure is advanced, the conductor adopts many strands of copper stranded wire, small impedance, large current carrying capacity and good softness. The insulation adopts high temperature (1000 degree) inorganic mineral insulation mica tape wrapping, the insulation layer is uniform, moisture resistant and flexible, and the sheath is made of copper sheath (high temperature resistant) and continuous rolling.

The product features are:

1. the finished cable has a long continuous length, no joint in the middle, fast heat dissipation, and can bend, and can make large cross-section multi-core cable.

2. fire resistance: conform to the British standard BS6387 (C, W, Z), that is, 950 degrees 3H flame does not breakdown, 650 degrees 30min after bear the water spray of the 15min, 950 degrees below the flame withstand the beating of the 15min vibration without damage, in the fire machine can fully meet the assessment standard of BTT.

3. the products are low smoke, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, radiation resistant, explosion-proof and long service life.

4. the finished cable can be wound around the cable tray to facilitate transportation and installation. The installation site can be arbitrarily divided without the construction of specialized workers. The installation strength is small, the speed is fast, and the working hours are short.

Two. Main uses of products

1. for fire fighting and power supply systems in high-rise public buildings, office buildings, hotel, shopping malls, exhibition centers, museums, libraries, hospitals, gymnasiums, airports and other public places.  

2. for inflammable and explosive sites, such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, nuclear power, military industry and other enterprises.

3. for high temperature resistant sites, such as steel, smelting, glass and other high-temperature workshops.

4. for national defense projects, such as aviation, aerospace, satellite launch, central control center and so on.

Our factory's rated voltage 0.6 / 1kV and below and metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated cable are designed and manufactured according to JG/T 313 - 2014 standard.

Three. Structural sketch of metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated cables.


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