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Multi core branch cable
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Product introduction

The multi core branch cable is to separate A, B, C or A, B, C, N phase conductors of the main multi-core cable and the branch multi-core cable individually, and then wrap them in the same outer sheath. The main cable and the branch of the whole cable form a whole, and the insulation strength is high. Good water tightness and tightness; no matter the distribution of inductance, capacitance and any part of the vector sum are equal to zero, ensure the consistency of technical parameters and basic requirements of cables.

Two, product uses

Multi core branch cable is a new type of precast building distribution cable. It is widely used in power distribution of high-rise buildings, large workshops, cultural stadiums and mines. The product can integrate and design three parts of main cable, branch line cable and branch connector according to the structural characteristics and distribution requirements of each building, and has excellent technical and economic indexes. In terms of engineering economy, advanced technology and installation convenience, it has outstanding advantages over traditional cables and busbars. Because the branch head is made in factory special equipment and mould, it has excellent reliability and consistency. It is very convenient for users to install and use. When vertical installation, only the main cable is tightly fastened to the corresponding bracket. The construction and installation are simple, and the requirements for the site, equipment, construction personnel technical level and cost in the process of installation and construction are all lower than those in the construction site. Ordinary cable connector or busbar slot joint; during operation, it saves a lot of maintenance cost, reduces power outage time, and achieves maintenance free effect on some occasions. In the case of cable shaft and cable passageway smaller, it can show its unique superiority. Therefore, in medium and small capacity power supply, branch cables are the ideal products to replace busbars.

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