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Large section transmission conductor
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Product introduction

The large cross section transmission line is manufactured by the domestic advanced 84 disc 630 frame winch, ensuring that 72 (84) single line conductors are formed at one time, and the structure is stable.


Product specification:  






Two, product performance indicators

The performance of the wire meets the requirements of GB/T1179-2008 and the "Jinping South of Jiangsu South of Jiangsu + JL/G3A-900/40-72/7 UHVDC line JL/G3A-900/40-72/7, JL/G2A-900/75-84/7 technical condition" and "JL/G3A-1000/45-72/7 core aluminum stranded wire technology".

The main indicators are:

The conductivity of 1. aluminum single wire is more than 61.5%IACS.

The tensile strength of 2. aluminum single wire is more than 160Mpa, and the tensile strength uniformity is less than 25Mpa.

The DC resistance of conductor is 3.20 JL/G3A-900/40-72/7, or less than 0.0319 /km.

(national standard GB/T1179 is less than 0.0321 Omega /km); JL/G2A-900/75-84/7 is less than 0.0319 ohm /km (national standard GB/T1179 is less than 0.0321 ohm /km); JL/G3A-1000/45-72/7 is less than 0.02862 ohm /km (national standard GB/T1179 is less than 0.0289 0.0289 /km).

Three. Scope of use of products

In August 29, 2009, our company's 900mm2 and 1000mm2 large cross-section conductors were held by the China Electric Power Enterprise Association in August 29, 2009 by the 17 Chinese authoritative research institutes (institutes) and electric power construction units of the China Electric Power Research Institute, the Shanghai Cable Research Institute, the East China Electric Power Design Institute, and the national Power Grid Corp UHV construction department. The product has passed the appraisal of the new products of the China Federation of electric power and has obtained three new product appraisal certificates.

The product is mainly used in China's power grid construction of over 800kV and over (ultra) high voltage, long distance AC and DC transmission line projects. It is one of the large cross section transmission lines put into operation in China. The use of 900mm2 and 1000mm2 large cross section conductors can improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the lines, improve the environmental impact of the lines, improve the economic current density of the conductors, reduce the electrical energy losses, improve the efficiency of power grid transmission, and enhance the overall economic benefits of the whole life cycle of the conductors.

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