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There is no love for the sick, but there is a true feeling in the world. The company members and staff members actively contribute to help the sick worker Yu Zhisheng.
2020-06-12 15:24:23 view times: Two hundred and ninety-three     
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Two thousand and twenty year Three month At first, Yu Zhisheng, a staff member of Kunming Ji Xing He transportation company, felt numbness in his legs and inconvenience in walking. 92 O hospital diagnosed after diagnosis Spinal cyst The spinal cord and nerve roots are compressed, causing numbness, pain and limited activity. The disease requires surgical treatment to relieve spinal cord and nerve compression, which has seriously affected personal life. Three month Fifteen He soon entered. courtyard For treatment.

Three month Twenty day First surgery in a hospital Operation, The effect is not good. after also Aggravated by illness Four month Fifteen Do day The second operation Postoperative turn enter General ward again Wounds found due to spinal fixation bolts produce Rejection infection Five month Twenty-two day He once again Do third debridement operations Influenced by several operations, he is now Weakness of feet If you can't walk, you can't take care of yourself. Rehabilitation training Now be still under treatment in hospital Medium. Nearly three months of hospitalization and three operation costs. He himself has Paid 8 Multivariate , from Hospitalized so far, his wife also gave up work, all day in the hospital to take care of him, the subsequent huge medical expenses and family income plummeted, so that Yu's family can not bear, life has been greatly affected, the situation has become worse.

At the beginning of his hospitalization, the party and government leaders of Comrade Yu Zhisheng's company visited the hospital for many times to condolence and visit, and encouraged him to summon up courage to overcome the disease. After knowing that it had caused difficulties in the subsequent treatment, Ji Xing He Kang family branch also took the initiative to issue a donation letter in the Party branch and transportation company, and advocated all Party members and workers to carry forward. "One side is difficult, eight sides support" mutual help and mutual love spirit, for the rest of life donations to love, with personal strength to become a warm stream of love, into a silent blessing, for him to drive away the loneliness and suffering caused by illness, help him overcome difficulties.

Two thousand and twenty year Six month Ten On the afternoon of the afternoon, comrade Zhou Hongliu, a manager of the Ji Xing He Kang Branch, the Secretary of the Kangjia branch, the manager of the integrated transportation company and the chairman of the trade union, came to the PLA No. 92 on behalf of Party members and workers. O The hospital visited Yu Zhisheng and asked him for details about his condition and hospitalization. He also gathered donations from the party members and employees of the company. Eight 200 yuan, hand in hand to Yu Sheng, while encouraging him to build confidence, actively cooperate with treatment, strive for an early recovery and return to work.

Despite his serious illness, comrade Yu Zhisheng, in the care of all the party members and staff members of Ji Xing he and Kangjia Party branch, promptly sent him the warmth of the organization and the love of the staff, giving him warmth and courage to help him rebuild his healthy life, and continue to smile and bravely fight the disease. The feeling is in the touching scene.

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