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Electricity in summer is vital to prevent electric shock.
2020-06-11 14:54:51 view times: Two hundred and eighty-nine     
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In the summer, the peak of power consumption is coming, and the failures caused by overload electricity are frequent. If you do not understand the safety of electricity knowledge, it is easy to cause electric shock, electrical fire, electrical damage and other accidents. So-called "Safe use of electricity is vital to life." How to use electricity safely in summer?

One You can't use your hands to move electrical appliances that are working live, such as fans, computers, televisions, etc. before switching, you must turn off the power supply.

Two When electrical appliances are in trouble, they should turn off the power and wear shoes in time. See You can't touch the live line directly with bare hands and bare feet. Try not to use live electric appliances in thunderstorms, do not wear earphones, listen to songs, and do not telephone.

Three There is much rain in summer. If you enter the water at home, you should turn off the power immediately, so as to prevent leakage of electric household appliances from leakage and short circuit. If there are flooded vehicles on the road, answer Away from Flooding Because the streetlights leak.

Four For frequently used electrical appliances, it can't be touched by hand, especially electrical appliances with water, such as washing machines, water heaters and so on. It is easy to cause electricity leakage due to heat.

Five When household appliances are in use, remember not to use cloth. cover On the top, because hot gas can not be emitted, such as TV, microwave oven, refrigerator and other high-power electrical appliances.

Six When changing electrical appliances, you should turn off the switch first. Do not have a fluke. Stop using wet hands or barefoot to replace directly on the ground.

Seven No easy fire and other inflammable and explosive materials such as paper, cloth and lighters can be placed beside the easy heating appliances.

Eight After using high heating appliances, the electrical appliances should be stored before heat dissipation, such as hair driers, electric iron and so on.

Nine , You can't wash the live electrical appliances with wet towels. You can't use wet hands to pull or plug power sockets.

In summer, the weather is hot and the temperature is high. We must pay attention to the safe use of electricity and pay attention to the safety of electrical appliances around.

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