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Sales skills: 8 sales rules, very short, very penetrating.
2020-06-05 16:14:36 view times: Three hundred and ninety-three     
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Sales skills, eight sales rules, very short but very penetrating.

One , To be a salesperson, tough and flexible is one of the magic weapons that you can develop in a competitive market. " It's time to shoot. " Confidence and domineering, but also have " Focus on things and start small ones. " Of Exquisite And tenacity. Only in this way can you cultivate your three true fires.

Two If the customer is polite to you, it shows that you have not entered the heart of the customer. Such a guest relationship is very fragile and dangerous. Once the competitors of the manufacturer compete, the customer will easily turn to the competitor. Therefore, the marketing community has a saying: first, friends, and then do business.

Relationships are best, but relationships are not everything. Many times, when you find a relationship, you put your hopes on the relationship. If you do not pay attention to the real needs of your customers, it will easily lead to failure. Because you can't ensure that the relationship you find will help you.

How do you know if someone else will help you? A salesperson says well: if the person is willing to give you some information about competitors, it usually means he wants you to win the list.

Three Don't underestimate the last few days of a month. Three thousand Mi Changpao, when you run away Two thousand and seven hundred The last hour Three hundred Rice is important. The last few days are the easiest moments to create miracles.

Four , The first visit should not be expected to get customers right away, but the most important thing is to ask for directions. The main purpose is to understand their internal situation through contacts with customers, such as who can cling to the board, which relationships need to be dealt with, etc. as long as the customer has time, you can accompany him to blow the air, make it easier to grasp more internal relations, and properly meet some of his requirements, but also do not show the Mountain Dew. Water is very important.

Five Communicate with customers and try to maintain the same class characteristics with customers. For example, the customer is a worker, you dress as much as possible, wearing jeans and jackets, such as workers clothing, words and phrases to speak with the language of the working class.
This is what is often said in sales: seeing people speak human words, ghosts and ghost stories. If you visit the fruit growers in the field and sell pesticides to them, they will be dressed in western style and speak in a bold way. How can such a sale resonate with customers?

Six There are countless salesmen in China, and one of the most important reasons is that they can not accumulate good customer relations. There are two reasons: first, the boss himself receives the past; two, the boss fails to keep his promise and leads to the loss of customers. If you do not accumulate good customer magnetism, sales will be difficult to turn around.

Seven Selling is a work that sees through the hearts of the people. As we see more warmth and humanity, the longer we do it, the more indifference it is. This is normal, which requires salesmen to stick to it. " Honesty, trustworthiness, seeking truth from facts " The principle. Without heart " Honesty, trustworthiness, seeking truth from facts " In principle, a salesperson may lose himself and become more and more indifferent and become a slave to sales.

Eight The only way to improve their sales ability is always: first, to run more; second, to think more; third, to sum up more; fourth, to draw lessons from others, absorb other people's experience and thoughts, learn from them instead of copying them, absorb and have their own ideas, and gradually form their own sales style.

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