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The charge gun cable produced by Kunming electric cable company passes DEKRA de Kai and CQC certification.
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Introduction: ( Two sessions interview ) NPC deputy Zhu Huarong: optimize the policy orientation, and encourage the use of new energy vehicles.

Zhu Huarong, NPC deputy and President of the Changan automotive industry, recommended that the development strategy of the new energy industry be optimized, the top-level policy guidance should be optimized, and the encouragement of the use of new energy vehicles should be further enhanced.

New energy and green travel have become a new way of life, charging piles are increasingly appearing in life, so the standard electric vehicle DC (AC) charging gun cable has become the charging pile. Heart " Kunming Cable Group Kunming electrician Cable Co., Ltd. " Kun electric cable company " Following the pace of the country, responding positively to the market demand, launching the series of products of the electric vehicle transmission charging system, and obtaining the patent certificate of utility model, passing the national patent system. DEKRA DeKay certification and CQC Authentication.

As a current carrier for connecting electric vehicles and charging piles, the safety of the charging gun cables has always been a concern. People need to carry out the power transmission between them, and control the charging information. They also have high aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and fire resistance on the basis of ensuring excellent insulation performance. It also needs to have good softness and mechanical properties.

The charging gun cable can be used indoors or outdoors. When used outside, the charging gun cable should meet the corrosion of high temperature, cold, sunlight, rain and automobile oil substances, which requires the cable to have special properties, such as ultraviolet radiation, ozone, high and low temperature resistance and chemical erosion, which are suitable for use. During the use of the charging gun cable, it will be frequently stretched or bent or be damaged by external mechanical damage such as rolling by electric vehicles, so it also requires the charging pile cable to meet special mechanical performance requirements such as winding, bending, rolling test and so on.

The main performance indicators of Kunming electrician charging gun cable meet GB/T33594-2017 The material used for electric vehicle charging cable is consistent with the materials selected. ROHS Environmental protection specification; rated voltage DC 1.0kV And below, communication 450/750V Below, the product is soft and tough, and the bending radius is smaller. 5D (outer diameter) can be moved as frequently as the oil gun; the product is resistant to mineral oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, urea resistant solution, antifreeze fluid, cleaning liquid, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, rolling resistance, cracking resistance and resistance. UV The ambient temperature of the product is -40 C to +50 C The signal or control core is made of soft bare copper wire or tinned copper wire woven shield, or aluminum plastic composite tape wrapped Shielding plus bare copper wire or tin plated copper wire composite shielding. It has excellent electromagnetic interference resistance and good flame retardant performance. IEC Bending resistance Fifty thousand More than once.

Kunming electrician charging gun cable production through advanced technology, perfect production process, every link before the factory must strictly check the quality, check at all levels, withstand the test of the market, constantly improve in the new energy environment, adhere to the quality, determined to move forward.

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