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Kunming cable group Limited by Share Ltd is an enterprise that produces industrial products such as wire and cable, and related civilian products. Its predecessor is Kunming cable factory. 1936.
Recalling the past and eventful years, in the occasion of the war of resistance against Japan, the central electrical equipment factory was set up for the purpose of developing the country, developing the economy, saving the country by industry, patriotic people with a great deal of patriotism and rejuvenating the national industry. The Kunming cable factory was the first factory of the central electrical equipment factory at that time. At the beginning of its establishment, it introduced advanced electric wire and cable equipment in Britain, Germany, France and the United States. In 1939, the first conductor of China was produced, creating the history of China's independent production of wire and cable. It is known as "the cradle of China's wire and cable industry" and has made a significant contribution to the war of resistance against Japan.
With the progress of the times, the Limited by Share Ltd of Kunming cable group, which has been developing for nearly a century, has the honor of starting an undertaking and the pride of developing vigorously. The company persists in creating a hundred year brand with quality, service and innovation, and continues to create maximum value for users, employees, partners, society and shareholders, and striving to become a leader of high quality development in the industry.
The company's product brand is "Kundian electrician" and "Kunming Cable Group". Among them, "kundian electrician" is a well-known trademark in China, a famous trademark in Yunnan, a time-honored brand in Yunnan and a time-honored brand in Kunming.
Company May press GB, IEC, BS and other advanced standards and user special requirements, self design and manufacture of various wire and cable products, especially in the development, design and manufacture of high-capacity, EHV AC and DC transmission lines, power cables, mining cables and special cables, has the leading edge in the southwest and even the whole country. In recent years, according to market demand, the company has developed a new generation of cable products, such as cable for urban rail transit, aluminum alloy power cables, flexible mineral insulated cables, new energy automobile cables, wear-resistant and drag resistant mining cables, and high conductivity aluminum conductor wires.
The company is a high-tech enterprise in Yunnan province. Yunnan science and technology giant enterprise, Yunnan innovative enterprise, Yunnan cable engineering technology research center and technology center are provincial-level enterprise technology centers. Company involvement Formulate national or industrial standards The more than 30 one is the more than 10 enterprise standards drafted independently. The company pioneered the 8 first products and technologies in the wire and cable industry.
In 1995, the company became the first enterprise in Yunnan to pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and passed the certification of environmental and occupational health and safety management system in 2009. company yes "One of the best companies of quality and credit in China's wire and cable production enterprises" is also a number of honorary recipients such as "national contract keeping credit company" and "National Labor Day Award", and is one of the top 100 enterprises in China's cable industry.
The company's products have been awarded. "Domestic products" and "consumer trustworthy products" title, 1997 The year was rated as After the first batch of famous brand products in Yunnan Province, it has been qualified for sampling and inspection in the whole country and Yunnan Province over the years. Awarded by the China Consumer Protection Fund "Consumer trustworthy products" is also recognized by China Industrial Economic Association and other units as one of the ten best selling brands of wire and cable in the country.

      The company's products have been used in many key national construction projects for many times, such as intercontinental missiles, test communication satellites, long march series launch vehicles, Shenzhou series spaceship, Three Gorges power station, Nuo Tat Du hydropower station, Baihe Tan Hydropower Station, capital people's great hall reconstruction, Beijing Olympic venues construction, State Grid and southern power grid transmission and distribution construction project, Kunming long water. International Airport, Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai Kunming high speed railway, Kunming and Xi'an rail transit projects and so on. company Products are also exported to the East. Dozens of countries and regions such as South Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean coast.

As the first wire and cable enterprise in China, the company will inherit one hundred years of technology, carry forward the spirit of enterprise, set up the corporate image, carry forward the past and future, and forge ahead in the future. Become a century old shop with the most influential brand in China and the most trusted manufacturing industry.

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