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10kV medium voltage fire resistant cable
Product introduction 10kV medium voltage fire resistant cable is added to the fire insulation layer on the basis of medium voltage cross-linked cable, so that the cable has resistance.
DC traction power is 1500V and below.
Scope of application: This product applies to rail transit DC traction power transmission 750V and 1500V urban rail transit.
35kV and below for urban rail transit.
Scope of application: This product is applicable to Metro and urban rail transit, underground shopping mall and high voltage rated 35kV and below.
Metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated cable
Product introduction metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated cable adopts advanced production technology, fully automatic mechanized production, quality can be...
Multi core branch cable
1. Product introduction multi core branch cable is A, B, C or A, B, C, and so on.
Large section transmission conductor
Product introduction: large cross section conductors are manufactured by 84 sets of 630 frame winches, which guarantee 72 (8...
Elastomer, PVC insulation, NBR, PVC...
Product characteristics 1. the product has a good resistance to the cable through special design and special NBR PVC sheathed material.
Water tree crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable
Product introduction, transmission and transformation system, a large number of 3.6/6kV~26/35kV crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE).
Overhead parallel bundled insulated conductors
I. product introduction parallel cluster insulated conductors are a way to reduce power consumption and enhance the convenience of overhead insulated cables.
Cable for electric vehicle conductive charging system
Scope of application: This product is suitable for AC 1.0kV or DC 1500V and the following electric drive motor vehicle charging equipment.
Elevator cable
1. Product characteristics rated voltage 450/750V and below flat PVC sheathed elevator cable and flexible connection power.
Aluminum alloy conductor XLPE insulation power electronics.
I. Introduction aluminum alloy cable is made of 8000 Series aluminum alloy material as conductor, through special compression process and annealing treatment.
Water blocking cable
1. Product description XLPE cable has excellent electrical and mechanical properties because of its simple manufacturing process and light structure.
450/750V construction lifts with rubber.
Application scope: This product is applicable to AC rated voltage 450/750V construction lift airport and mobile electrical equipment.
Twisted flexible cables for onshore wind power generation
Product introduction wind resistant twisted flexible cables for wind power generation are applicable to AC rated voltages of Uo/U 1.8/3kV and...
Dust-proof waterproof connector type T flexible cable
1. The product profile is suitable for LED lights, solar energy, lighting decoration for highrise buildings, and lighting installation for freeway bridges.
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