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Dear customers from all walks of life:

Thank you for your trust and support for the Kunming cable group Limited by Share Ltd. Welcome to buy "kundian" brand wire and cable! Our company adheres to the quality management policy of "honesty and refinement, customer satisfaction, value creation and sustainable development". It has been developing for more than 80 years, and enjoys the reputation of "the cradle of China's wire and cable industry".

Product quality assurance

1. All raw materials are selected for the purchase of high quality products at home and abroad. There are perfect, standard and strict inspection systems and procedures when entering the factory to ensure that all raw materials meet the relevant quality standards.

Two, all products in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system and national, industry and related standards production, defective or unqualified products are strictly prohibited from the factory.

Three, all product performance indicators meet the relevant quality standards and testing standards, users can be randomly sampled to any third party inspection institutions for inspection. If the inspection is qualified, you will bear the cost. If the test is not qualified, we will bear all expenses and responsibilities.

Four, our company guarantees that the measurement error is within 0.5% of the national standard. The volume of each coil / cable is the same as the quantity specified in the certificate. The actual measurement length is below the standard range. Our company promises that the wire should be one meter short of ten meters, and the cable will be doubled according to the shortage.

Five, our company strictly abide by the "product quality law" and "consumer rights and interests protection law", earnestly safeguard consumer rights and interests. Within the scope of product liability determined by the consumer protection law, the policy of "Three Guarantees" is implemented (including repair, replacement, and refund).

Six, our company has set up a special department to protect counterfeiting and counterfeiting. If you buy it at our sales outlets and special distributors, or find fake "Kun electric" brand wires and cables in the market, please report to the company. Our company has a reward for reporting.

Sales service commitments

First, our company has a technical service department, providing free information consultation on product design and selection, performance parameters and new product introduction before sale.

Two, according to the needs of customers, we can measure and select the products of wire and cable on the spot. We can also assign technical experts to customer units for training and communication in terms of cable performance, installation and construction, operation and maintenance.

Three, the company promises to deliver the products on time and quantity according to the time and quantity required by the contract. The change of delivery time and quantity due to design, construction and other reasons will satisfy our requirements.

Four, the company provides professional safety, efficient and efficient logistics and distribution services, according to customer needs to provide product quality certificate, factory inspection report and instruction manual and other technical information.

Five, after-sales service guarantee:

1, if any defect, damage or malfunction of the product is caused by the defects in our design, manufacture, material or logistics transportation, we will respond to it within 2 hours after receiving the information feedback from the customer. If necessary, ensure that we arrive at the scene within the agreed time of the two parties, free of charge to repair or replace defective products, so as to meet the corresponding technical requirements and meet the requirements.

2, in the course of laying or using, if we do not cause defects, damage or line failures caused by our company's design and manufacturing quality reasons, our company will also actively cooperate with customers and repair cables as soon as possible to ensure the smooth use of construction or lines.

Six, technical advisory telephone: 0871 - 68195149

After service telephone: 0871 - 68109379

Anti fake phone calls: 0871 - 68102780

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