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09 2018/05

State Administration of market supervision: these 7 categories of cable products will be monitored by key quality this year.

A few days ago, the State Administration of market supervision and Administration issued a notice to publish the catalogue of quality supervision of key industrial products nationwide (2018 Edition). The new catalogue will be included in the 406 categories of industrial products that will be monitored by key quality, including 7 types of wire and cable and related products: data cables and mining rubber sheathed flexible cables. [detailed]
2018/05/09 Ten thousand four hundred and eighty
06 2017/12

Special rectification of wire and cable in Daliang: 6 cable enterprises have been investigated.

To severely crack down on the quality violations of wire and cable manufacturers, and enhance the quality level of enterprise products. Recently, Daliang prison branch has carried out the special rectification and inspection work of wire and cable. A total of 6 wire and cable production enterprises in the area have been inspected. It is understood that the Daliang prison branch to carry out a comprehensive wire and cable Sheng. [detailed]
2017/12/06 Nine thousand two hundred and thirty-six
Eleven 2017/06

[copper price] Shanghai copper first restraining and then lifting around the upper rail.

On Monday, the 1708 main contract of Shanghai copper was opened at 46490 yuan / ton. After opening, Shanghai copper first suppressed and then raised. At the beginning of the market, there was a long profit taking back, and 3100 more hands were lighten up. After hitting 46170 yuan / ton, the short air came out of the warehouse, and finally ended up with 46370 yuan / ton. [detailed]
2017/06/11 Nine thousand and two hundred
Eleven 2017/06

Shanghai copper bearish ideas do not change the average pressure above the average.

On Thursday, the Shanghai copper main 1708 contract opened at 45060 yuan / ton. After opening, the copper price dropped to 44960 yuan / ton first line concussion, and then the copper price two ladder type rose to 45360 yuan / ton, during the small drop in the air dropped, finally ended with 45260 yuan / ton to the Dayang line. [detailed]
2017/06/11 Nine thousand one hundred and seventy-four
Eleven 2017/06

State Council thorough investigation of Xi'an Metro cable case investigation group response focus

The State Council has instructed the Shaanxi Provincial People's government to make a deep written inspection to the State Council, and the State Council has criticized it. Shaanxi province has arrested 8 suspects in illegal production enterprises, and has 122 responsible persons, including 16 officials at the departmental level and 58 cadres at the departmental level. Construction unit... [detailed]
2017/06/11 Nine thousand two hundred and fifty-nine
08 2017/06

Cable service for 30 years frequent failure Yangzhou rectification station 83 days regulation power supply

Since the original cable has been in service for nearly 30 years, cable failures are frequent. For this purpose, a DC cable rectification and maintenance project for Yangzhou rectification station of public tram was launched. The project was completed recently. It is reported that the power supply cable of public bus tram Yangzhou rectifier station relates to the power transmission of 22, 25, and 28 roads of public tram. [detailed]
2017/06/08 Nine thousand one hundred and sixty-six
Twenty-four 2016/10

China's cable manufacturing industry has grown rapidly.

China's cable manufacturing industry has achieved amazing production capacity in the past few years, ranking first in the world, and its output has continuously surpassed Japan and the United States. However, there is still a gap between the overall level and foreign countries. The scale and level of manufacturing industry is a measure of the overall strength and modernization of a country (or region). [detailed]
2016/10/24 Nine thousand two hundred and fourteen
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