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Basic knowledge of electrical cables and cables

1. What is the maximum power current and power of 1mm? For example, how many wires should be used for the construction of 2.5 square wires? For a conductor of 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, and 10mm, the number of cross-sectional area can be multiplied by 5 times. 2. For 16 or 25mm conductor, the number of cross-sectional area can be multiplied by 4 times. [detailed]
2020/06/18 Five

How to prevent cable from entering water?

As we all know, cable intake is a serious problem. Sometimes you think you have done a good waterproof measure, but the cable is still flooded. Then how does the cable feed? Next, we will introduce the reasons and Countermeasures of the cable water intake. 1, storage time: the newly purchased power cables are sealed with plastic seals at both ends, but after a period of use, [detailed]
2020/06/11 One hundred and sixty-eight

Give me a minute to show you the main features of power cables.

Everything in the world has its own attributes and levels. Besides, cable products are widely used and various. Even if you are in the industry, they are not all know. This article classifies the wire and cable products to help you understand the meaning of the specifications better. The main features of this product are: extruding (wrapping) insulation layer outside the conductor, such as overhead insulated cables, or several. [detailed]
2020/06/11 One hundred and seventy-three

Cause of power cable heating during operation

There are many reasons for the heating of power cables during operation. If there is a fever phenomenon and failure is not eliminated in time, the cable will continue to operate on electricity, which will easily lead to insulation thermal breakdown, which will lead to inter phase short circuit, tripping, fire and other accidents. Below, briefly introduce 6 reasons for the power cable heating: 1, model mismatch, conductor cross section is too small, operation occurs. [detailed]
2020/06/11 One hundred and sixty-five

Why do cables need armour and stranding?

Armored cable refers to the cable with metal material armor protection layer. The purpose of cable plus armor layer is to extend the service life of mechanical protection besides tensile strength and compressive strength. It can also enhance the anti-interference performance of cables by shielding protection. The commonly used armoured materials are steel strip, steel wire, aluminum strip, aluminum tube, etc. the steel strip and steel wire armour layer have high permeability. [detailed]
2020/06/11 One hundred and seventy-one

Special wires for stall

With the recent hot outdoor operation - stall, not only has led to economic development, but also brought us full of fireworks smell. It's good to work in the daytime and set up stalls in the evening. So what do we need to prepare for the stall? It is necessary for wires to provide electric lighting. Here is a brief introduction to the wires suitable for stall. One, RV... [detailed]
2020/06/11 One hundred and sixty-nine

Strengthening safety production management and eliminating safety accidents -- Kunming cable group convened 2018 Work Conference on safety production

On the afternoon of January 10, 2018, the Kunming cable group Limited by Share Ltd convened a conference on safety production in 2018. Company leader Gao Hongkun, Fang Nian Shi, Zuo Fuxiang, Shen Lixing, the company's safety production committee, fire safety committee members, and workshop, department leaders and security personnel, as well as product manufacturing department, environmental protection and environmental protection personnel, etc. 40. [detailed]
2018/01/16 Eleven thousand and two hundred
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