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How much do you know about soft mineral insulated cables?

The soft mineral insulated cable belongs to one of the fire resistant cables. It has excellent flexibility function. It is good for laying bending and transportation. It is mainly used in special occasions with high requirements for fire prevention. It has high practicability and safety and is widely used. The following is a brief introduction to soft mineral insulated cables. The soft mineral insulated cable is made by twisting many copper wires. [detailed]
2020/06/18 Thirteen

Kun electric cable helps Tengchong hot spring tourism industry -JHS hot spring with waterproof rubber sheathed cable widely used in the market.

Kunming Cable Group Kunming Electric Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "kundian electric cable company") is a wholly owned subsidiary established by Kunming cable group Limited by Share Ltd (formerly Kunming cable factory). In recent years, with the development of tourism industry, more and more fields will be applied to JHS hot spring waterproof rubber sheathed cable. Tengchong hot spring is located in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, China. [detailed]
2020/06/18 Nineteen

There is no love for the sick, but there is a true feeling in the world. The company members and staff members actively contribute to help the sick worker Yu Zhisheng.

In early March 2020, Yu Zhisheng, a staff member of Kunming Ji Xing He transportation company, felt numbness and inconvenient walking. He was diagnosed with spinal cyst after the examination in the 92 O Hospital of the PLA, resulting in spinal cord and nerve root compression, causing numbness, pain and limited activity. The disease requires surgical treatment to relieve spinal cord and nerve compression. [detailed]
2020/06/12 Three hundred and nine

Electricity in summer is vital to prevent electric shock.

In the summer, the peak of power consumption is coming, and the failures caused by overload electricity are frequent. If you do not understand the safety of electricity knowledge, it is easy to cause electric shock, electrical fire, electrical damage and other accidents, the so-called "safe use of electricity, life is at stake." How to use electricity safely in summer? 1, you can't use your hands to move electrical appliances that are working live, such as fans, computers, televisions, etc. [detailed]
2020/06/11 Two hundred and ninety-eight

South China power grid, the first to visit Kunming electric cable company.

In June 2020, the leaders of the electric power academy of the southern power grid and the staff of the power supply bureau visited the Kunming Cable Group Kunming Electric Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kunming electric cable company"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Limited by Share Ltd group of Kunming cable group. [detailed]
2020/06/11 Three hundred and thirty-eight

Sales skills: 8 sales rules, very short, very penetrating.

Sales skills, eight sales rules, very short but very penetrating. 1, to do sales, rigid and flexible is one of your magic weapons in the competitive market. You need to have the confidence and domineering power when you sell your hands, but also have the delicate and tenacity of "focusing on everything and starting from small ones". Only in this way can you cultivate your three true fires. 2, if customers and you... [detailed]
2020/06/05 Four hundred

Copper core aluminum conductor XLPE power cable with rated voltage of 35KV or less

XLPE insulated power cable, hereinafter referred to as XLPE cable, has excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal aging properties. It has the advantages of large transmission capacity, strong environmental stress, easy installation and maintenance, and is widely used in power transmission and distribution system. Our company's cross linked cable is designed and manufactured according to GB/12706, and it also meets IEC60502 requirements. [detailed]
2020/06/05 Four hundred and twenty-two
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