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The Kunming cable group Limited by Share Ltd has all kinds of advanced production, testing and testing equipment imported from the developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Finland.

The Kunming cable group (formerly the Kunming cable factory) started from the very beginning, and began to introduce advanced machinery and equipment at the time. After more than 80 years of vicissitudes, in order to ensure the quality of "Kunming electrician" brand products, reduce material losses, expand the range of product varieties, and increase the speed of production development, Kunming cable group has continuously invested in equipment transformation and upgrading from "15" to "13th Five-Year", especially during the "75", "85" and "fifteen" periods. We have continued to introduce advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad. Since then, the Kunming cable group has also been carrying out the transformation of equipment and technological processes every year, and has achieved the requirements of "three on one improvement" (above varieties, quality, level and economic efficiency).

In April 2016, the Kunming cable group moved from the Ma Street in Xishan District of Kunming to the No. 1766 Kui Xing street of Kunming new town high tech industrial base. During the construction of the New District, the Kunming cable group invested nearly 2 hundred million to increase the new equipment, purchased the 35KV rubber catenary production line from Finland Mai Rafael company, and purchased the 6-35KV cross-linking production line, double head Copper drawing machine and JPD-3150 type. The domestic and foreign advanced equipment such as coil stranding machine, 30 box frame stranding machine, silane crosslinking production line and so on.

The Kunming cable group has adjusted the layout of production through the overall relocation. After unprecedented expansion and technological transformation, the old enterprise has injected new vitality, improved processing capacity and adaptability, new factory buildings are tall, workshop is bright and well equipped, and the technical level of Kunming cable group has reached a new level. The overall quality of products has been further guaranteed and improved, Kunming electric. Cable group ushered in a new era of development, will open a new bright page.

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Thirteen billion eight hundred and eighty-eight million one hundred and twenty thousand seven hundred and ninety-six
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