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The Kunming cable group Limited by Share Ltd has a product R & D team with a complete range of technologies, a reasonable discipline structure and a pioneering spirit. It has established an effective incentive and innovation mechanism, built several laboratories, has more than 1000 sets of R & D test equipment, and has developed a strong product R & D capability. The research and development of enterprises mainly focus on the research of new cable products, research projects, new technologies, new technologies and new materials. At the same time, the company has also worked with some famous universities and research institutes in the country to research and develop new technologies and new products, and has developed several leading products and cable products. In recent years, many provinces and cities have undertaken science and technology projects. The company has Yunnan cable engineering technology research center, Yunnan industrial product quality control and technology evaluation laboratory, Kunming City wire and cable engineering technology research center, Kunming fire retardant and fire resistant cable innovation team, Yunnan science and technology giant enterprise and Yunnan innovative enterprise. According to international standards (BS, JIS, VDE, IEC), national standards and special requirements of users, all kinds of wires and cables can be designed and manufactured.

Create 8 industries

In 1 and 1939, the first conductor was made in China.

In 2 and 1949, China's first 6 thousand and 600 volt class mining rubber sheathed cable was made.

In 3 and 1976, the first non drip oil impregnated paper insulated power cable was produced in China.

4. In 1985, the first copper bar production line was set up in China.

5, 1989 and Shanghai cable factory, Hefei cable factory at the same time to introduce (US) 6~35kv XLPE insulated power cable production technology.

In 6 and 2000, it became the first manufacturer to manufacture ACSR720/50 wire for Three Gorges Project transmission line.

7, in August 2008, the first batch of 900mm steel cored wire twisted pair was successfully developed in the Jinping power grid South of Jiangsu one 800kV UHVDC transmission project.

8, in April 2009, the first batch of 1000mm steel reinforced aluminum conductor twisted wire was successfully developed in Ningxia Ningdong Shandong Qingdao + 660kV DC transmission project.

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